PAO Volunteer Pilots Wanted


Your Palo Alto Airport Association is compiling a list of pilots willing to donate their time and aircraft for transport of time-critical materials, to support the Palo Alto Office of Emergency Services.

This public service flying would be flown under Part 91 regulations, and we are requesting that volunteers be instrument rated and have a minimum of 250 hours. Please let us know your qualifications and the type of aircraft you propose using, in order to best match the mission requirements with the pilot and aircraft.

The Association envisions establishing a phone tree, so that the OES would call on a coordinator, who would in turn make several calls, and so on, until an available, suitable pilot was located. We want the OES, the City administration and the wider community to know they have a partner in the Aviation Community.

This effort is just a start. If there is enough interest, we may expand our reach by partnering with CalDART – the California Disaster Airlift Response Teams. But for now, please consider signing up by sending your name, contact information, qualifications and aircraft, to:

Thank you for your support!