PAO Aviation Community Bulletin

Greetings Fellow Aviators!

Last night (March 6) a number of pilots attended a Palo Alto City Council meeting, where a Staff Report was made regarding the status of, and long-range planning for, our Airport. This was the kickoff for what will essentially be a 20 year Master Plan study, funded primarily by the FAA.

Several key concerns voiced by community members, and echoed and or amplified by Council, were land use, leaded fuel, and aircraft noise. While as individual pilots, we cannot have an immediate, direct impact on the first two, we all can endeavor to reduce our noise footprint. Please join me in a renewed effort to “fly friendly”, by following our established noise abatement procedures.

To review, takeoffs from runway 31 should turn right 10 degrees. If you’re requested a left crosswind, please continue to the Dumbarton bridge before initiating the turn. Better still, request a right 270, so as to pass over the airport at or above 1.500 feet. A right downwind departure towards the Monterey Bay area will have you higher over adjacent cities than a left downwind. Make your request to the tower; if they can accommodate you, they will.

Arrivals are requested to maintain a minimum of 1,500’ until on the Bay side of highway 101. Traffic pattern altitude is 1,000’ on the Southwest side of the airport, 800’ on the Northeast side.

Nighttime, when the tower is closed, all patterns should be on the Bay side of the airport, in accordance with FARs.

Everyone’s cooperation and participation will help ensure that the airport enjoys a good reputation and is here for future generations.

Blue Skies and Tailwinds!

Bob Lenox, President Palo Alto Airport Association

PAO Aviation Community Bulletin, March 7, 2023 (PDF)